Lone-worker security – CheckCall

09 March 2011

Leeds-based Acclaimed Security says CheckCall, its personal-security solution, is to be rolled out across five main operational areas of global infrastructure consultancy, WYG.

The system forms part of the GuardSafe computerised security system and works by monitoring the lone workers’ mobile phone calls to a designated number at agreed time intervals. If a call fails to come in, says Acclaimed Security, the automated CheckCall system flags this up immediately and a coordinated response will attend the area to make sure the lone worker is safe and secure.

Stuart Spooner, group health and safety director for WYG, said: “We have had incidences before where our employees’ safety has been compromised while out on site and we have had to use the CheckCall system. It is a great peace of mind for the company and our lone workers to know that we have a reliable, unobtrusive security system in place guarding our most valuable assets.”

For further information, call Roy Unwin on 0845 838 3400 or visit www.acclaimed-security.com


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